Born in the colder part of the world in Edmonton Canada in 1985, soon after moved and lived as a child in Toronto Canada until moving to western europe in 1997. As a teenager little did he expect it would be a life changing experience to be a resident of Switzerland and France until now. Developing skills early on for drawing, playing music instruments, crafting and a curiosity for whats inside the electronic box. Mostly self-taught through trials and errors he managed to learn and perfect from it. He has studied business administration at business school, maths and physics at polytech in Lausanne, english at University of Toronto, computer science at polytech Ryerson in Toronto and even launched his first commerce at age 16. At 17 he left home to travel the european and north american continent and become an adventurist and sportsman to explore the self for the better good. From western europe to canada, at the age of 18 he decided to cross the american border, to conquer his dreams and complete a road trip around the country during 1 year.

Today Guillaume Joshua Lauzier creates multi media artworks, photos, music, installations, films and also performs. By working with sound, video, tangible and intangible technologies, he tries to create work in which different mediums reflect harmony or ”synchronization” with technology and simplified: shade, shape and color contrast with frequency, rhythm and sound effect as one, much like one subject or object in reality, when in movement or collision, creates noise. The character, shape or content of the presented artwork intends to create a reactive or responsive approach with technology.

His multi media artworks are presented with the aim not to provide an idealistic view but to identify where human to computer interaction, communication and the environment are important. The energy of a place and its emotional and spiritual vibrations are always important.

He has produced photographies of popular artists such as: Alex Bau, Albin Myers, Benoit & Sergio,Fatman Scoop, Feadz, Fedde Le Grand, Florian Meindl, Gesaffelstein, Guy Gerber, James Holden, Jeff Mills, Kavinsky, Keith Hurtigan, Len Faki, Matador, Mathias Kaden, Matthew Dear, Miss Kittin, Mustard Pimp, Oliver$, The Phat Crew, R3hab, Ramon Tapia, Robbie Rivera, Sebastien Tellier, Soul Clap,Steve Aoki, Tatana, Tommy Trash, Umek, Urban Knights, Wolf + Lamb and many others. Check the photo gallery HERE.

Photographer and Videographer during the Montreux Jazz Festival, Milan Design Week, Street Parade Zurich, Mapping Festival Geneva, Festival Robotique EPFL, Transat Festival Lausanne, Electric City Zurich, 1er Aout In The City Lausanne, Electrosanne Festival LausanneChocolate Festival Lausanneand many others.

Produced a number of videos like First Nights In Tokyo, Mapping Festival 2012, Festival Robotique 2012, Milan Design Week 2012, Raiffeisen Lausanne Street Bowl Contest 2011, In Montreux and Lausanne with R3hab, 1er Aout People In The City 2012 and produced animations for the D! Clubduring the Lake Parade in Geneva and Le Bourg for Bruk Boogie Kru. But also music tracks like Manicand Maztraz, and the following remixes for popular artists such as Bom Bang! by Marco Bailey, Get Off Ur… by DRC and DJ Denise, Black Heart by Magnetic Brothers & East Sunrise, Paradigm Shift by Martinez, Ask Yourself by Plastikman and many others. Check the video gallery HERE, or listen to some of his tracks HERE.

Also worked as an audio visual technician for event companies such as Dorier, Theatre Du Crochetan,Audio-Shop working with high corporate clients such as Swatch, Nestlé, Philip Morris, UBS, Financial Times, Beaux-Rivages, and many others. As an intern architect and graphic designer for Galletti-Matter, R. Bissegger et M. Caravaglio Bureau d’architecture, B. Corbat & B. Cavassini Bureau d’architecture. As reporting journalist intern for Radio Chablais and independent technical sales representative in audio and video.

Guillaume managed and launched a number of independent interactive, design and business projects like  VJs TVVJs Mag, Noctune, FIAUD, Khuko and exposed an interactive video projection mapping installation during Figment Festival in New York last year in collaboration with local artists (Mojo Video Tech, Melissa Ulto), continue reading..

Founder, curator and creator of VJs TV with VJs Channel launched end of 2012, is a video website for promoting talent and audio visual art forms containing over 1700 videos organized into specific categories. Artists can submit projects, discover projects and follow tutorials, everyone can follow  the latests installations and learn about new technologies and how projects are done in the ”Making Of ”or ”Tutorial” categories.

FIAUD (Future Interactive Architecture & Urban Design),  intend to inform about integrated interactive technology within space. He brings technical specifications, post videos and photos and useful links about different projects, artists and technologies.

Noctune, ”Nightlife and Music Videos” (NocturneTune). Is a company launched for the production of music videos and artist photography launched in june 2012. The website main focus is to promote artists through a simple profile with links, videos and photos made but also promote reported events and my own work. With of course articles, a video and photo gallery. During summer of 2012, I’ve been following many of the electronic events and club nights to film and shoot photos(Over 50 events). All media content associated to www.noctune.net are created by Guillaume: Music videos, photography.

VJs Mag is an international social networking magazine which deals with audio visual art forms and creative technologies. It was launched in April 2013 by founder Guillaume J. Lauzier. It is accessible to anyone who is passionate about or just has a general interest in live audiovisual performances and creative technology. It offers daily news about upcoming and past projects, technical reviews and tutorials, interviews with top artists. Check upcoming events in your area with a printable interactive calendar, find and apply for work on our job listings, become a member and share!

Discover all his other projects aside from audio video and music HERE. If you wish to contact him, fill in the form bellow with your name, email and questions. You can also read tweets HERE.

Personal Skills

Bellow you’ll find a set of personal skills categorized by area, with the title of the quality and/or experiences, and on the right an efficiency rating by number of dots from 1 to 5 to describe the current curve as followed: 1 is still learning, 2 is getting better, 3 is it can work out, 4 is i’m good at, 5 is in total control. There is six main skills we will focus on.

Core Skills competencies are defined as systematically focused combinations of individual technologies and production skills that support a multitude of product lines of a company. 

Business Skills is activities associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing, and planning.

Communication Skills in the workplace is all about being able to convey information to people clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood and get done. It’s about transmitting and receiving messages clearly, and being able to read your audience. 

Language Skills both written and spoken.

Interpersonal Skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. 

Personal Attributes are character traits or personality traits.

This page is for personal skills and tools such as languages spoken, personal attributes, interpersonal, communication and experience. Check technical skills page for softwares, applications, equipment, technics, methods used.


Core Skills

Video Production
IT Technologist
AV Technician
Performance Installation
New Media
Interaction Design
Interface Design
Music Production
Architecture Design
Sound Design
3D Modelling
Product Design
Graphic Design
Information Architecture


Business Skills

B2B & B2C Sales
Problem Solving
Tech Buyer
SM Marketing
Project Management
Time Management
Client Management
Business Administration


Learning Skills

Online Training
Mind Maps
Finding Time for Professional Dev


Communication Skills

Technical Writing & Review
Visual Communication
Rhetoric & Persuasive Writing
Expository Writing
Active Listening
Body Language
Thinking On Your Feet
Working With Media





Interpersonal Skills

Active Listening


Mediation & Facilitation


Personal Attributes

Analytical thinking
Ability to visualize solutions
Ability to synthesize information


Independent Projects

Scenographist (scenographist.com)

2016-nowScenography at it’s best.

GeneratedArt (generatedart.com)

2015-nowGenerative art exposed

GeneratedCode (generatedcode.com)

2015-nowGenerative creative coding projects exposed

GeneratedDesign (generateddesign.com)


Fashion, Generative Design & Architecture

Pix & Kiss (pixandkiss.com)



Photographers and videographers reporting on love and life on earth.

Khuko (khuko.com)



Interaction design and interactive development company, includes motion graphics and graphic design.

VJs Magazine (vjsmag.com)


Founder, W3

VJs Mag is an online publication about audio visual art forms which I launched in April 2013. Initially version 1.0 was a social network/platform launched in April 2013 lasted until end of 2013 with many features: users could register and create a profile/portfolio, mobile friendly, submit projects, post on the forum, check jobs listings and much more. It was successful in bringing visitors and readers, but having to many features discouraged users to post and become regular users, it also took much monthly bandwidth.

-Version 2.0-
A new more simplified format is planned for this year with a simple minimal appearance to enhance the user experience and focus more on the content.

Features: Coming soon..

-Version 1.0-
(Please check photos for an example)

Presentation: VJs Mag is an international social networking magazine which deals with audio visual art forms and creative technologies. It was launched in April 2013 by founder Guillaume J. Lauzier. It is accessible to anyone who is passionate about or just has a general interest in live audiovisual performances and creative technology. It offers daily news about upcoming and past projects, technical reviews and tutorials, interviews with top artists. Check upcoming events in your area with a printable interactive calendar, find and apply for work on our job listings, become a member and share!

Features: Register and create a profile front-end(portfolio, bio, links, videos, images, events, activity, pm, forum post, job listings and application) and back-end(article and project submissions, upload media, edit settings, avatar), pages (Sound, Tech, Interviews, Reviews, user submissions), mobile friendly, a forum, a calendar, job listings, search engine, user admin bar with all profile options, social network likes and shares, comments…

Main Tasks:
-Web Design/development, User Experience and a variety of options implemented into a responsive platform.
-Online Marketing

FIAUD (fiaud.com)


Founder / Blogger, W3

FIAUD (Future Interactive Architecture & Urban Design), focuses on new media and interactive technology integrated within architecture and urban design. It presents company and artists projects under different categories such as, ”interiors”, ”urban”, ”kinetic”, ”media”, ”UX/UI”, ”technology” and temporary installations during events under ”exhibitions”.

Main tasks:
– Web Design
– Writing/Posting
– Social marketing and SEO
– Content and projects research

VJs TV (vjstv.com)


Founder, W3

VJs TV is an online video site about audio visual art forms and technology, curated by my self alone with a simple template and categories for each video and, a channel like a streaming page format except videos are already hosted. It is a project, I started working on in October of 2012 and was able to launch it in December 2012 and, worked on most aspects of the project with a little support of a professional jQuery programmer for the channel (channel.vjstv.com). The VJ scene had nothing alike, so it had great success and still has average of between 50-75 unique visitors per day which 27% of them are returning visitors, it attracts 40’000 front page visits per month with an average of 5 pages visited per user and growing. I also receive video projects submitted by artists daily.

Presentation: Launched on 15th December 2012, the easy-to-use website showcases a compilation of over 1000 videos from VJs, designers and artists based around the world. The videos have been painstakingly selected to offer you a truly mind-blowing insight into everything from video projection mapping to interactive art. From lumen installations to sonic installations, there’s something for everybody on this modern, clean and crisp website. A simple interface with pull-down menus mean you can find the right video within seconds. VjsTV.com, as the name suggests, not only offers an extensive library of the world’s best videos but also the unique ad-free TV option : two clicks and you have a continuous full-screen random selection of videos according the category chosen – no breaks, no ads – just a non-stop selection of stunning videos.

Features:Simple interface with dropdown menus, specific categories, a search engine, mobile friendly, site map, users can submit projects, most liked comments watched, changing layout, channel like page..

Main tasks:
-Web design/dev and UX
-Project management
-Content research and curating
-Video editing and Filming
-Social marketing and SEO

Noctune Prod (noctune.net)


Photographer & Filmmaker, Switzerland

Noctune, ”Nightlife and Music Videos” (Nocturne<->Tune). Is a company launched for the production of music videos and artist photography launched in june 2012. The website main focus is to promote artists through a simple profile with links, videos and photos made but also promote reported events and my own work. With of course articles, a video and photo gallery. During summer of 2012, I’ve been following many of the electronic events and club nights to film and shoot photos(Over 50 events). All media content associated to www.noctune.net are created by me: Music videos, photography.

Main skills:
-Video Editing, filming, steadicam, photography, motion graphic design.
-Web design/development
-Communicating with artists and event organizers
-Online Marketing

Main tools: DSLR, Final Cut Pro, on cam LED lighting, Steadicams, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D.



Buyer and B2B/B2C Sales in Vancouver, Canada
This is a business based out of Vancouver which I launched in fall of 2005 right after moving from Switzerland. Main customers were online and audio visual technician needing cheap supply. I would manage: orders, online sales, accounting, web design, marketing and promotion, shipping.
-Audio Visual Technology specialist
-Online Sales/E-Commerce

Merchandise: MP3’s, LED’s, memory cards, Video and Audio accessories.
Location: Based in Vancouver Canada main import from Hong Kong andJapan

Rolling Blaze Shop


Buyer and B2C Sales in Switzerland

Rolling Blaze was an roller blading company and, my very first business/commerce which I launched in summer 2002 during my studies at Business School. Main customers were extreme sportsman, stuntman and rollerbladers. I would manage: orders, licensing, sales and shipping mainly in western europe, accounting, marketing and promotion.
-Sportman and Tech Specialist
-Outside sales representative

Merchandise: Roller Blades, sport clothing, DVD’s, Magazines, Bag’s, accessories.
Location: Based out of Switzerland, main import from Germany, Austria and France.


Technical Skills

Bellow you’ll find a set of technical skills categorized by area, with the name of the software and/or material used, and on the right an efficiency rating by number of dots from 1 to 5 to describe the current curve as followed: 1 is still learning, 2 is as good as an amateur, 3 is it can work out, 4 is professional and ready, 5 is perfect control. There is four main areas we will focus on.

Filmmaking and photography: which implies capturing real world images in movement and recording sound with lighting installations, manipulation of small steady cams, sound design through analog or virtual synthesis to production of sound tracks, along with post editing, projection, vfx and colour correction.

Graphics and CAD design: as wide as it may seem this was included as one because of the variety and depth of projects it can bring you on, from simple logo and typography and press templates or print works to animating computer graphics, transforming your sketches to CAD drawings and then create a 3d model from it to making a virtual environment you can shoot from different angles or just navigate in.

Information Technology and Interactive Media: for geeks or not technology is here to stay and we need to deal with it, computers systems and CMS and languages to make it all work, data bases to keep your data secure, web and tangible interfaces for transferring data from humans to machines interactions, integration optimization and migration, information architecture to get things organized, you’ve got never enough help for bugs errors and issues, generated visual content or programming content through a third party software is also possible.

New Media and Other: terms and definitions are still debatable on this matter, are you open for discussion? you need to get your voice heard by new means of media, and so in begins.. %&!$a@.. Social media, SEO, web apps, web development, interactive media content, APIs, broadcasting through live stream, tags, metadata, newsletters, blogs, rss/feed, cms, advertisement and online ads.. You need someone to manage it and speak for it. Let’s not forget presentation and necessities.

This page is for technical skills and tools such as softwares, applications, equipment, technics, methods. Check personal skills page for languages spoken, personal attributes, interpersonal, communication and experience.


Audiovisual systems, music composition, sound design, filming, audio video editing and production, camera work, photography, VFX, AV and lighting installation, projection mapping.

Final Cut Pro 8, 9 & X
Logic Pro 7, 8, 9
Adobe CS Production Premium
Ableton Live
Native Instruments Komplete
Adobe Lightroom
Canon DSLR's
Panasonic & Sony ProCams
Native Instruments Maschine
Pioneer & Yamaha Systems
Blackmagic Systems
Canon & Sigma Lenses
Modul8 & MadMapper
Avid Media Composer


Graphic design, interactive media design, 3d modelling, 3d design, CAD drawings, photography, animated or generated computer graphics.

Adobe CS Design & Web Premium
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe InDesign
Cinema 4D
Autodesk Maya


Programming, computer systems, systems design, content management systems, server management, web development, security systems and encryption.

Mac OS X v.10.2 and up
Windows v.95 and up
cPanel & WHM


Social media, web integration, newsletters, feed, animated images, utilities.

Microsoft Office (W.E.P.O.O.A.P.)



Ryerson University


Computer Science / Toronto, Canada

In a set of courses at the Ryerson polytech school in Toronto Canada, with the objective not only to design front end but also develop interactive projects back end. I’ve learned rules of structuring, abstraction, modelling, algorithm design and programming with languages such as: Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript. Additionally, taking the SQL/MySQL and PHP course was useful for learning how to manage data and how it is used within the database.

Activities and Societies: UX, UI, abstraction, modelling, algorithm design, object oriented, java, javascript, html5, html, css, php, sql, mysql, back end, front end, structuring, web fundamentals, xhtml, xml, browser compatibility, responsive, adaptive, mobile, jquery, w3

University Of Toronto


English Language and Canadian History / Toronto, Canada

This course provides a survey of Canada’s political, social, and economic history from European settlement to the near present by studying a range of topics including the history of Canada’s First Nations people, Anglophone-Francophone relations, relations with Great Britain and the United States, and the development of the various structures of modern Canada.

Through lectures and class discussions, students will develop a variety of essential university-level skills, such as how to read critically, analyze problems carefully, think independently, conduct historical research and write a variety of essays. By the end of the course, students will have gained a broad understanding of Canadian history and the skills necessary to pursue university work.

Activities and Societies: English Literature, read critically, analyze problems carefully, think independently, conduct historical research and write a variety of essays, class discussions



Theoretical and Mathematical Physics / Lausanne, Switzerland

The special mathematics course (SMC) is the preparatory course for the EPFL students who do not have the qualifications required for admission to one of the EPFL Bachelor courses (in accordance with bachelor admission). It provides the foundation required for such training in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

The success of SMC exemption from the entrance examination in the branches of mathematics-science type. Holders of a Swiss professional maturity may therefore, once the successful SMC, admission to all bachelor courses EPFL. For other students the SMC, SMC’s success is the success of the reduced examination within the meaning of the Ordinance on admission at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne: EPFL admission to bachelor courses.

Note that, in parallel to SMC, admission to bachelor training without the required securities may be obtained by passing the exam for admission of the EPFL.

Gymnase Du Soir


Maturité Suisse / Lausanne, Switzerland

Depuis 1965, le Gymnase du Soir de Lausanne offre à des adultes une formation secondaire supérieure que les circonstances ont empêché d’accomplir à l’âge normal. A raison de quelque seize heures hebdomadaires de cours, réparties sur quatre soirs, il prépare ses étudiants aux examens d’admission à l’Université, ou complémentaires à la maturité professionnelle et décerne depuis 2010 la maturité gymnasiale.

Since 1965, the Evening Gymnasium of Lausanne offers adult upper secondary education that circumstances have prevented from performing at the normal age. A reason for some sixteen weekly hours of classes spread over four nights, it prepares its students for the entrance examinations to the University, or complementary professional maturity and awards since 2010 the ”BAC” .

Ecole Roche


Business Administration and Management / Lausanne, Switzerland

Accounting, Internship, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Social, Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Business Presentations, Business Communications, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Business Management


Mr. Lauzier has been in charge of the creation of our company logo. We have been very happy with his commitment and time effectiveness. He has been very good on transforming our ideas into a logo that we believe reflects who we are and what we do. – S Partners Asia - Laurent Stieger / S Partners Asia - Founder & CEO


Guillaume has done quality work, I had a really sad looking website before made by a big company. I was impressed by the little amount of time and great work he did alone! – Jardibois - Nello Albisetti / Jardibois - Landscape Artist & Business Owner


Guillaume is a very talented young artist, committed to development of the art & technology scene, and very driven to meet new people. We have many friends in common and we agree that he is a wonderful person. – retroViSOR - Carmen Gil Vrolijk / retroViSOR - VJ Manager


Work Experience

Dorier SA


AV Technician / Lausanne & Montreux, Switzerland

Dorier is an event company, I worked with freelance during several events and seminars to help organize and setup audio/video equipment for clients and multinational companies in Switzerland(Lausanne and Montreux). Main task were to setup various Projectors, Projection/TV Screens, Speakers, Head-Sets, Mixing Consols, structures, computers and unloading/reloading heavy duty material.

Galletti & Matter Architects


Architect / Lausanne, Switzerland

Architect internship, beginning of 2009 for 6 months at Galletti&Matter Architects gave me many aspects as to how construction projects are created, built and completed. I was able to participate in several architectural and landscape projects by drawing, sketching, doing models, doing graphic design work and suggest ideas through critical thinking.

Main skills:
– CAD Drawing and drafting
– Project Management/Communication/Team Work
– Architectural models and prototyping
– Graphic Design

Main tools: VectorsWorks, Adobe Suite.

B. Corbat & B. Cavassini Archi


Architect / Lausanne, Switzerland

R. Bisseger & M. Caravaglio Architects


Architect / Lausanne, Switzerland

Sport Chek


Technical Sales Representative / Vancouver, Canada

Sport Chek was a good experience, I could combine my passion of winter sports, the technical stuff and sales. I was an in-store sales representative to help advise customers on sports equipment they want to buy for the season. With weekly meetings, and requirements on learning all the new stuff in stores, I also had the opportunity to test the equipment and learn a lot about the companies that fabricated the hardware.

Technical Sales Representative
-Inside sales
-Tech specialist
-Customer support
-Equipment testing

Théâtre du Crochetan


AV Technician / Monthey, Switzerland

On call, freelance technician during events and concerts to help with setting up lighting, unloading and reloading heavy duty material, sound, projectors, assembling stage and decoration.

Audio-Visual technician
– Lighting
– Projection
– Sound
– Video
– Stage setup.

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